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=>Citrix Training
Course Name Duration
Citrix Xen Server
Citrix Xen Desktop
Citrix Xen Application
1 month
=> Syllabus
Module 1: Citrix Xen Server Introduction
Xen Server Architecture Overview
Xen Server Architectural Components
Emulation Example
Para-virtualization Example
Xen Center Overview
Xen Center Performance Data
Module 2: Citrix Xen Server and Citrix Xen Center Installation
Xen Server Installation
Virtual Machine Storage
Single and Multiple Disk System Installations
Multiple Disk System
Installing XenServer
Pre-Installation Checklist
XenServer Installation Process
Installing XenCenter
Xen Center Windows Consoles
Xen Center Linux Consoles
Xen Server Licensing
Licensing Components
License File Management
Obtaining License Files
Installing the Citrix License Server
License Management Console
Module 3: Windows Virtual Machines
Virtual Memory and Disk Size Limits
Virtual Device Support
Windows Virtual Machine Architecture
T0 Create a Windows Virtual Machine
Installation from an ISO
IS Libraries
T0 Create an IS Library
Xen Server Tools
Module 4: Linux Virtual Machines
Linux Virtual Machine Architecture
Linux Distributions
Xenenabled Distributions
NonXenenabled Distributions
Creating Linux Virtual Machines
Installing XenServer Tools
Install XenServer Tools
Virtual Network Computing for Virtual Machines
Configure VNC for Virtual Machines
Module 5: Templates and LifeCycle Operations
Virtual Machine Templates
Exporting a Virtual Machine
Importing a Virtual Machine
Copying a Virtual Machine
New Virtual Machine Creation Using a Template
LifeCycle Operations
Suspend and Resume
Deleting a Virtual Machine
Module 6: Networking
Network Components and Architecture
Network Architecture Diagram
Internalonly Networks
Virtual NICs
External Networks
VLAN Support and Components
Initial Network Setup
Management and Normal Interfaces
IP Address Information for Normal NICs
Network Adapter Drivers
Virtual Network Setup
Virtual NIC Creation
Virtual NICs Connections
Network Configuration
Configure VLAN
Cloud Computing
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